Today at Club’s day

Today was Club’s day at UOIT. Where every campus club puts up a make-shift booth to present their club to the student body.

I spent most of the day handing out invitations to a BBQ that we’re holding next week. Near the very end of the day God put an end to the monotony. Just as we were packing up our club’s booth a guy warily approached. He asked if this club was for Christians only. “What if your beliefs on Christianity have changed? Is there a forum for discussion on faith”, he asked me.

From there he shared his falling away from faith. We spent the next 45 minutes discussing how Christianity differs from every other religion. In that only Christianity has a God that has a perfect standard of righteousness and was willing to become a man a live it perfectly out on our behalf.

It is my hope that over the next few weeks I will come across many more guys who are willing to dig deeper into the Christian faith and just might end up surface a completely new person.


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