What keeps us from experiencing God’s blessing?

Students and young adults filled up the room again this week for the evangelism training session.  It is so exciting to see these young people with a hunger to know God and be a part of His renewing work in the world.  Here is a brief synopsis of the material we covered this week.

In this second week, we spent time looking at what keeps us from both experiencing the blessing of God’s grace in our lives, and making our lives count to the fullest helping those who don’t know God–our own obedience.  Similar to the elder brother in the Prodigal Son parable, our religiosity engenders a sense of entitlement and an exemption from getting our hands too dirty, or being subjected to too much adversity.  The sin in us makes it too easy to remain separate from the culture we want to see transformed by the Gospel. That sin is often subtly hidden in the good things we are doing; not the bad.

In the video segment we learned that Jesus Himself didn’t allow anything to get in the way of His work.  A life of poverty, rejection, public humiliation, emotional and physical trauma were not enough to keep Him from living out God’s plan for His life.  He was without sin, yet, gave every moment of His life for sinners.  Jesus perfectly lived out the tension of being fully integrated in fallen human culture and living a life of perfect holiness.


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