Recap of Last Week’s Gospel in Life Session

In last week’s session of Gospel in Life we looked at God’s command to the exiles in Jeremiah 29. God commanded them to become a part of the life and culture in Babylon; rather than remain separated and indifferent. God wanted them to pray for and contribute to the peace and welfare of the Babylonian society.

We were also reminded of God’s original intent for cities: to be a places of refuge and safety, places of justice, places of cultural development and places of spiritual searching. However, because of man’s fallen nature our cities end up look like quite differently.

Christians, then, similar to the exiles, are to be integrated in the culture, postured to serve and contribute to it’s overall well-being. Their joy and experience of God’s grace is connected to their attending to the needs and influence of the culture they find themselves in.

This includes serving and protecting those who need it, being active in issues of social justice, being active in the creation of cultural development in a way that reflects their godly values and convictions and finally pointing people to Jesus Christ as the true and ultimate fulfillment of people’s spiritual longing.

This type of radical shift in lifestyle, one that is spent in loving and advocating for others, that are quite different from themselves, can only come out of experiencing the transformational power of God’s grace.


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